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By offering a thorough understanding of the challenges and clear pathways to overcome them, we aim to empower our clients in enhancing their online presence and functionality.

How does it work

Websites can often face performance issues, and occasionally, it might be just one specific problem hindering its optimal functioning. Even one bottleneck can have a significant impact on user experience and overall performance.
Our thorough audit dive deep into your site’s functionalities and architecture, and we will find all critical and minor issues.

Upon completion, we’ll provide you with an in-depth report detailing all identified concerns. Alongside these findings, we’ll also offer recommendations and actionable solutions to address and rectify each issue.

Site Health

Throughout this process, our attention is specifically directed towards a detailed examination of the websites key components, ensuring sustained performance, and maintaining the overall well-being of your WordPress installation.

A dedicated focus extends to a nuanced evaluation of server and resource allocation, a rigorous scrutiny of database integrity, and a detailed examination of WordPress constants and the filesystem structure.

S-Tier Dev commitment is not just to identify potential issues but, more importantly, to take decisive action. We will diligently examine what requires necessary updates, fine-tuning of the website components configurations, and your WordPress health parameters.

Site health

UX & UI Assessment

When your website, hosting, even the SEO are performing well, but you still do not have optimal results and visitors are leaving your website before they get to relevant information you want to share with them, maybe the information is not that easy to access.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a beautiful looking website does not necessarily means that the website has a good UI & UX.
Our website audit will pinpoint all the crucial elements of the website that need improvement, including the page layouts, navigation menus and overall browsing feeling and experience of your website.

Theme & Code Audit

There are many free and premium themes, and sometimes they are may seem like something you need in theory, but in the practical usage, it turned out that it is not the case.
If your theme is edited directly without the Child Theme, there is a chance that the update of that theme is disabled and you’re not getting the latest feature, performance and security updates which can be a huge problem for your website.

In the case of a custom built theme, the problem might be that in the beggining the theme and the website were working fine but over time, the performance downgraded. In this case the solution can be a complete re-write of the theme, but it also can be a small issue with the single function, or even a line of code.

theme and code audit

Beyond merely identifying issues

Our approach does not just pinpoint problems but also provides a comprehensive set of necessary steps and potential solutions. Our commitment lies in ensuring not only the diagnosis of issues but also in furnishing clients with actionable insights and effective resolutions, fostering a proactive approach to website improvement.

Plugin bottlenecks

Like with themes, there are many great plugins out there, but at times even though they serve a purpose and have a functionality that your site requires, it could happen that this plugin is not exactly what you need. In case of free and even the premium ones the issue might come from the overload of functionality and the code used for those functionalities, which will cause unnecessary bloat, since you’re not using most of the features included in the plugin.

Even in a case of small and/or custom plugins with only the features you need, it happens that the code itself is not optimized properly and it harms the website potential.

plugin bottlenecks

Hosting Checkup

Even though your website is built top-notch, and there are no performance problems with it, but your website under-performs there might be a chance that the server where your website resides is not optimal for the website configuration and/or user traffic.

Ths often means that the server does not have enough resources to handle your website, or the marketing of the hosting company was far better than their hosting service and your website ended up where it should not.

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