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Why S Tier Framework

Over the years we worked with many premium themes and we built many custom ones.
Every project presented its own set of challenges, and as we’re sure, the future ones will have some too.

To overcome the repeating ones before the project even start, we developed a framework that we use for building themes for our clients which ensures that the aforementioned problems are mitigated before the project even starts, therefore during the website development you are paying for exactly that, and not tedious troubleshooting and project ‘preparation’.

Cache Buster

Cache Buster

No more waiting for a browser cache to be removed in order to see the website changes.

If you’ve ever had a website built, you’ve probably been asked the question, “Did you check in Incognito?” or told to “Clear your browser cache.” It’s a common step taken when trying to see the most recent version of a site. However, with our unique approach and the framework we use to build client themes, these phrases will become a thing of the past for you.

Whenever we make adjustments to styles or script files, our system automatically updates the version of that file.

This means that if there is no server or CDN cache present, any modifications will show up immediately. You’ll no longer need to resort to incognito browsing or clearing your cache to view the latest version of your site



Reusable Components library allows us to build your website faster without the need to eved do the same thing twice.

While your website is customized to include only the features you specifically need, most of the things are not built entirely from “scratch.” Instead, we’ve engineered a library of reusable components that are necessary during the development of any website.

This methodology not only accelerates the initial development phase but also streamlines the process of adding new pages, sections, and templates when it’s time for website maintenance or expansion.

By employing this approach, we’re able to provide you with a more efficient development timeline and a scalable framework for future growth. Essentially, this creates a win-win situation, achieving a balance between customization and efficiency.”

Since the features and components we built are future-proof, our approach can cut your future re-design time of the website drastically, since the only things we would need to do is apply new styling and you will have a brand new website.

Site Editor

Aside from WordPress default fields, your website will include only the specific fields that are essential for your needs and are actively in use. By doing so, we eliminate the inclusion of extraneous fields, thereby reducing unnecessary bloat.

Any elements that are visible on the website but aren’t directly managed through individual pages are conveniently located under ‘Website Settings’ in your website’s backend.

This setup allows for easy modifications of global sections, fields, and images. With this arrangement, making adjustments to these universal elements becomes as straightforward as using the Page Editor for individual pages.

This focused approach contributes to maintaining a high-performance website, optimized for speed and efficiency.
We also simplify site management, making it easier for you to handle updates and modifications in the long run.

To take it one step further, if you have a specific need, we can implement the visual part of your page editor to resemble the look of the websites frontend to make the editing experience even smoother.

Essentially, this gives you a unified, user-friendly experience for managing both global and page-specific content on your website.

S Tier Playground

We made a Playground for you to take a glance at the functionality and editability of our Framework, and see how your webiste editor will look and feel.




This is just a glance of what you will have at your disposal.
Settings, color scheme and everything else will be adjusted to your website needs and your brand feel.