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Dedicated WordPress team for a high-performing website.

Our project managers
are former/current developers

Our team, including our CEO and project managers, are passionate individuals who are former and/or current developers, embedding WordPress deeply in our DNA.

How we work

High-Performance Websites for Optimal Results.

From strategic brand positioning to seamless user journeys, our expert team leverages the power of WordPress to create a cohesive ecosystem that extends beyond websites, encompassing social media integration, e-commerce solutions, and interactive features.

With a focus on user-centric design and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that every touchpoint of your online presence, from mobile responsiveness to intuitive navigation, fosters a memorable and delightful experience that sets your business apart.

Our Services


Combination of innovative design, flawless functionality, and efficient performance, crafting tailored websites that cater to your unique business needs..


From fine-tuning code to optimizing assets, we ensure your website loads faster, delivering an exceptional user experience and improved search engine rankings.


We ensure your website stays backed up, secure, up-to-date, and performs optimally, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and focus on your business.

A Client wrote

One of the best part of our work, and what makes us most proud is to see client satisfaction.
This is what one of our clients expressed about their new website.

I am thrilled to express my satisfaction with the exceptional work done by S Tier Dev. The approach was surgically precise, ensuring that every element was flawlessly crafted and executed. Standout quality of the site is its user-friendly – it’s not annoying, navigating through it is a breeze, and finding what you need is remarkably easy. It represents the ideal standard for how every site should be.
The seamless navigation and thoughtful layout make interacting with the site a pleasure.
Moreover, the speed at which the pages load is nothing short of impressive, contributing to an overall dynamic and efficient experience.

Aleksandar Puskas

Latest Work


We successfully redesigned and developed a high-performance website for our client, incorporating custom post types to enhance content organization, resulting in a seamless user experience and improved online presence

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