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About Us

WordPress is not just a platform we work with, but a way of life. Our team, including our CEO and project managers, consists of passionate individuals who are former and/or current developers themselves.
With WordPress deeply ingrained in our DNA, we bring a wealth of technical expertise, a profound understanding of the platform, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional WordPress solutions to every client we serve.

Mission & Vision

Our path, both on an individual level and as a collective agency, has been distinct and, in many ways, unique in its approach. Rather than chasing immediate financial gains or rapid business expansion, our foundational ethos was rooted in a steadfast commitment to improvement. We were unwavering in our pursuit to refine and elevate both our services and products, with a clear goal to surpass our previous achievements with every iteration.

This commitment to growth and excellence wasn’t just a lofty ideal; it was quantified and validated. We assessed our evolution using a comprehensive array of industry metrics. This approach ensured we had a clear understanding of our position relative to the broader market landscape. By consistently benchmarking ourselves against both our past performance and the prevailing industry standards, we ensured that our offerings were continually evolving, aligning with the best in the business, and often setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.



S Tier Dev came to be from a mixture of people who excelled in their own fields.

Working as freelancers or as a part of other companies we always strived to go beyond ‘good enough’ mindset and take an improved approach to every project. This approach was not always welcomed, since underminded the ‘if its not broken, don’t fix it’ culture which was well established way to. This was not necessarily bad, but we always felt that something is missing.

After paths led us to the same road, we did a few projects together, and experienced great synergy in our way of work and we decided to do something more about it.
Therefore, and idea for S Tier Dev was born.

Even though we’re young as an agency, each member of our team has many years of experience in their own field and plethora of successfully finished projects and satisfied customers.



Like WordPress got us a chance to do what we love, we’re trying to give back to it and its community.

As active community members and conference speakers, we are passionate about fostering growth and knowledge sharing within the WordPress ecosystem.

We are dedicated to helping individuals enhance their careers and embark on successful WordPress journeys by providing valuable insights, guidance, and practical tips through our speaking engagements and active involvement in the community.

Join us in this journey of empowerment and let us support you in your WordPress endeavors.
Zeljko Skipic from S-Tier dev at WordPress meetup