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S Kanban – Project Management Simplified

S Kanban helps you streamline project management, prevent client confusion, and lower the new onboarding period to a minimum.

Coming Q3/2024

S Kanban

Why S Kanban

There are many Kanban and project management tools out there, and we’re not trying to create anything that does not already exist. What exists is great and more than enough. 
The problem we saw in using the tools was that there were too many buttons to click, and we never used more than half of them.
While we learned what to click, the bigger problem comes when the new client needs to be onboarded on the project or maintenance board; they often get confused. 

We created this tool for us to use to avoid confusion and streamline project management for us and our clients. 
Naturally, we’re not the only ones with the same problem; therefore, we decided to offer the plugin to the public for free. 

Premium version is still not in plan, but if it ever comes to it, current free version and its features will always stay free.

Request Early access

If you’re interested in contributing to the development of this plugin by testing its functionality, reporting any bugs you encounter, suggesting a feature that you use often during project management and want to see it included in this free plugin, or simply want to try it out before everyone else, we invite you to join our closed beta program.

Your feedback is invaluable and can help enhance this free plugin. To participate, please reach out to us with a message.

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