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Emerald Valley Clean

Revamp of a small website by adopting a new approach, with the goal to maintain and enhance the existing design.

Upgrade of the visual identity and website aesthetics, preserving brand consistency.

What we did

  • WordPress development
  • Site-specific Gutenberg Blocks
  • Custom Settings page
  • Performance Improvement
  • Backend Dashboard Cleanup

About the Project

Client approached us with a decent looking website but with design flaws and unusable backend.

Task was to create a website that looks the same, improve visual issues and with a working backend of the website and page editor.

Cleaning Services

Before and After

A perfect example of what we do, regardless of the size of the website.
We will not get into much detail, but we provided a couple of before and after S-Tier work on the website.

Frontend Before

Frontend After

Performance Before

Performance After

Before & After

Aside from the obvious performance improvements and fine tuning of the frontend visual appearance, we take great pride in the improved usability of the backend dashboard of the WordPress website.

As always, we provided this client only with the backend sections and fields they will need and nothing else, compared to the previous version of the website and all the items you can see on the left side of the screenshot.