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WordCamp Europe 2024 – Torino, Italy

WordCamp Europe 2024 – Torino, Italy


WordCamp Europe is a major annual conference focused on WordPress, attracting enthusiasts, developers, designers, and business owners to share knowledge and network. It features keynote speeches, workshops, and sessions on topics like web development, design, SEO, and content creation. The event includes a Contributors Day, where participants can help improve the WordPress project through coding, design, documentation, and more.

Held in different European cities each year, WordCamp Europe fosters a sense of community and collaboration among attendees. Social events and informal meetups provide additional opportunities for networking and relationship-building within the WordPress community.

Over the years, WordCamps, both local and European, became a part of our professional and personal lives. We try to visit as many local ones as we can, but WordCamp Europe is something that we definitely do not miss, and this year was not an exception.

WordCamp Europe City – Torino

This year’s event took place in Torino, a vibrant city in northern Italy renowned for its rich history, elegant architecture, and thriving cultural scene.
It is the capital of the Piedmont region and is famous for landmarks such as the Mole Antonelliana, the Royal Palace of Turin, and the historic Egyptian Museum.
Torino is also known for its culinary delights, including chocolate and wine, and serves as a major industrial hub, particularly in the automotive industry, with the headquarters of Fiat.

WordCamp Talks

We had the pleasure of listening to a few amazing talks, from general ones on how to deal with and overcome the habit of procrastination to niche-specific ones on how to migrate your old ‘classic’ website to a fully modern and easy-to-use solution that uses Gutenberg blocks.

The session on overcoming the habit of procrastination provided valuable strategies for tackling procrastination and improving personal productivity, while the presentation on migrating the website to a modern, Gutenberg-based experience emphasized the ease and benefits of such migrations, offering valuable insights into the process of creating sustainable web solutions, such as the one presented in the talk.

Like every year, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, also joined the stage with a ‘WordPress Project Summer Update’ talk where he covered exciting new features introduced to WordPress and the ones yet to come.

One of the presented features was the Playground, which enables you to run WordPress instantly on any device. It provides a space where you can test your plugin, theme, and feature without needing a host.
We had our own instance of the Playground for a while, where we enabled you to test the backend workflow of our framework and how it would look and feel to manage and handle changing content and website settings on your website using a WordPress theme built for you with the S-Tier Framework.
You can check it out here:

WordPress Community

While the talks are an essential part of WordCamps, the most important one is the WordPress community.
The people that form the community are the backbone of these events and of WordPress itself. Organizers, volunteers, and visitors to WordCamps are all part of the WordPress community, and these events would be impossible without them.

The people who make up the community are the backbone of these events and of WordPress itself. Organizers, volunteers, and attendees of WordCamps all play crucial roles in the WordPress community, and their dedication and enthusiasm are what make these events possible and successful. Without the collective effort of these individuals, WordCamps simply wouldn’t happen.

We’re happy to be a part of this community and try to contribute and give back to it as much as we can, in a way we can. This year, a member of our team, Zeljko, was a part of the volunteer team and gave his humble contribution to make the event a bit better and more pleasant for visitors.


WordCamps are a great way to learn new things, socialize, and meet new people, connections, and possible future business partners or friends, and we encourage everyone to check them out, contribute, or even give a talk if you have a valuable topic that can help someone in mind. We know we will try as much as we can.

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